Wedge / Menaud

Menaud, or a tribute to meticulousness

Reconciling tradition with modernity is at the very core of our design strategy—combining wisdom and boldness as the very foundation of our creative process.

The bottle is a tribute to contrast; a sleek demonstration of the elegance that materializes when opposites come together in perfect harmony.



Client: Menaud
Montréal, Canada


The cylinder’s stability and robustness, highlighted with a 1º slope, is in disjunction with the sensuality that emanates from the upper part of the bottle.

Subtle, it incorporates a significant detail, which by itself alone represents a substantial technical achievement:  a wooden stopper integrated into the design so seamlessly, it follows the curve of the bottle as if it were an extension of the bottle itself. The proposed design equally calls to mind both a log birling down white water and the micro-distillery’s distinguished refinement. 

We opted for a wooden stopper in order to preserve its organic quality, with references to a heritage forged by tradition.

The bottom was designed to celebrate the bottle’s content by elevating it as if it were on a pedestal.  The delicate translucent glass brings out the density of the base and, hidden underneath each bottle, is a different sentence drawn from the literary work of Felix-Antoine Savard: Menaud, maître-draveur.


Breaking free from the traditional bottle-green, the colour of the glass is a combination between the green of the dense forests of the Charlevoix region, and a hint of blue, inspired by the St-Lawrence River. Even the label taps into its literary roots, displaying the information like a book: beginning with the title, followed by the content, and then the author.

The proposed design aspires to be as relevant as it is elegant. We trust that a clientele sensitive to these details will appreciate the subtlety and nuances of the finished product. 

This is an exercise on substance, where the form is but a result of a common passion. More than a bottle, it is also, and most of all, the result of a collaborative effort between dreamers.

© Menaud / Photographe: J-F Sauvé

© Menaud / Photographe: J-F Sauvé