Stimulation through simulation

Haptics are increasingly recognized as the next frontier of immersive experiences. Phenomena’s goal is to enable easy, seamless incorporation of high-quality haptics within any immersive/multimedia experience.

Connecting all our senses is the best way to create an immersive experience. A powerful tool that gives entertainment developers the ability to integrate another layer of immersion through the sense of touch and accurate haptic feedbacks.


Client: Phenomena
Montréal, Canada


High-tech devices often look like Christmas trees, full of bells and whistle that scream “look at me”. PHENOMENA’s approach to VR is interesting in that it is not solely based on visuals, but rather sensations. Haptic feedback is deeper than a vibration; it’s not vulgar, but subtle and powerful. You feel a connection between you and the world in which you are immersed. I could not help but make parallels with transcendence. You are in a state of rediscovery, of curiosity, of meditation.

I wanted to translate this sensation into visual input, much like how braille looks to the common reader. It has a visual presence, but you won’t decipher it through sight. The pebble came to mind. Pleasing to the touch, aesthetically humble, it seemed like the perfect analogy to translate a sens of calmness and reassurance, much welcome whenever a new technological medium is being introduced to the public. The end result is inoffensive, with just a hint of technological cue with its small LED dot.