Audemars Piguet / Luxury Mikado

La belle excuse

A corporate gift is an opportunity to come from the unexpected. It should be about intrigue, surprise, seduction and amusement. Audemars Piguet rimes with tradition. Its watches are assembled by hand, an exercise that requires a unique set of skills where precision and patience are keys to success. The idea of the Mikado game, a timeless classic, seems to embody nicely all those values. 



Tutor: Thilo Brunner
Renens, Switzerland


The idea

The idea is to transform the Mikado game in a showcase library by rethinking the materials assigned to each stick. With different materials come different densities, and the game proposes a new approach in which the player has to reconsider his strategy. Audemars Piguet’s DNA is characterized by meticulous combinations of the finest materials imaginable, so the range of possibilities is quite vast.

The Materials

My first concern lies in giving to each family of stick a material that would be aesthetically suited to it’s ranking, while keeping the game balanced. The choice of each material would depend directly on its density, so that each category of sticks follows a progressive evolution in weight. Wood, carbon, titanium, brass and tantalum (the coolest material ever) are chosen.