Menaud / Custom distillery tanks

Quite a change of perspective

Distillery tanks are fascinating. The only close kin of that nature which comes to mind are pipe organs. They’re big, majestic and quite a challenge to figure out. I was consulted by Menaud to establish a design continuity between the bottles (see Wedge project) and the tanks. Opportunities like these are rare, and it goes to show are devoted to design this client is.

I also wish to salute the guys at Specific Mechanical Systems for making it happen.


Client: Menaud
Freelance Contract
Montréal, Canada


The cylinder’s stability and robustness, highlighted with a 1º slope, is the first design cue carried over from the bottles. The tanks are assembled in two different metal alloys to reflect the change of tone that occurs on the bottles (glass vs. wood).


This project is quite obviously more than a series of pipes and bolts. It is in many ways the heart of Menaud, where the magic happens.

No matter where one purchases a Menaud bottle, it came from this single, special place.

© Menaud / Photographe: J-F Sauvé

© Menaud / Photographe: J-F Sauvé