DDB / YWCA Hanger

It's time to give

Approximately ten percent of the woman in Montreal have nether a job nor a degree. That’s more than sixty-three thousand women who could be struggling to make ends meet. If they are all lining up for the same job, that line would be almost twenty-five kilometres long...

Fringues is a YWCA second hand boutique helping women reintegrated the job market, and giving them a second chance at life. So the more clothing donations Fringues receives, the more women they can help find work. 


DDB Canada

Client: YWCA
Montréal, Canada

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The problem is, people only wear twenty percent of the clothes regularly, which means the other eighty percent just ends up sitting in their closet. To give these clothes a new purpose, and increase donations to Fringues, we create the smart hanger, that tells you when it’s time to donate your long and used clothing.

When the hanger is suspended, it triggers one of its two movement detecting sensors, initiating, a three season countdown. After two-hundred and seventy days, if the clothing hasn’t been worn, the hanger will light up, reminding the user to donate the item to Fringues.