Product Designer

2017 - Present
Montréal, Canada 

Exploring new worlds. 

Staying hungry is essential to retain passion in everything, and Montreal is the place to channel it. I find great joy in collaborating with different talents and skill sets from various fields. 


Product Interface Designer

2014 - 2017
(Voluntary return to Canada)
Sindelfingen (Stuttgart), Germany 

Understanding the crucial necesity for discipline in creation. 

In 2014, I joined the “detailing branch” of the Interior Design department at Mercedes-Benz Design Headquarters. From future lineup of steering wheels and shifters, right up to the next car key - this department is deeply focused on delivering sensual aesthetics to essential functions. And if there’s one thing you learn while working in Germany: Punctuality is everything. The same thing goes for deadlines. 


Freelance Designer / Internship

2012 - 2013
Zell Am See (Salzburg), Austria 

Acquiring confidence in my ideas and creative instinct. 

Following the completion of my diploma, I was offered a 6-month internship at STUDIO F. A. PORSCHE. From initial ideation to final implementation using 2D/3D tools, I was fully involved in the process, collaborating on over 32 projects. A SAMSUNG Digital Camera, a PORSCHE 911 Sport-Chic Watch, a PD Water Pipe Shisha— these translate into the types of project opportunities I was given while working there. 


Master of Advanced Studies in Luxury Industry & Design

2011 - 2012
Renens (Lausanne), Switzerland 

Learning the art of communicating ideas to an audience. 

ECAL (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) is ranked 5th in the world by Dezeen for architecture and design schools. In the span of a year, I worked in collaboration with some of Europe’s most prestigious brands such as Audemars Piguet, Baccarat, De Sede, to name a few. Perfecting my education abroad — and dealing with everything it implies — truly challenged, and brought me out of my comfort zone, resulting in a better understanding of myself, and of what I can accomplish. 

Acquirering the basics

Following my studies in Arts and Letters with a profile in Cinema, I reoriented my academic path towards Industrial Design, at Université de Montréal. The program consisted of 4 years through which I acquired the necessary knowledge and tools to better express my creative thoughts. 


Bachelor degree / Industrial Design

2007 - 2011
Montréal, Canada 


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